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 There has never been a better time to become qualified in Computer Science - both the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates are projected to rise - see our employment resources page.

Our focus is on great teaching informed by great research, using state of the art facilities in the Owheo building.

Our graduates find that a multitude of professions are open to them - in the legal, financial and business fields through to games development, software engineering and computer graphics.

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Owheo power outage Thursday 12 April - update

Allan Hayes: The generator installed by Delta to cover the power supply to Owheo and other buildings in the area couldn't handle the load and therefore power was off much longer than anticipated. The regular power supply was restored around 11.20am. There will be no further outage this afternoon as a result of this.

Unfortunately Delta will have to re-schedule this maintenance work, which means we will have another outage in the near future.

Owheo power outage Thursday 12 April

Allan Hayes: I have been notified by Property Services that the electricity supply to the Owheo Building will need to be shutdown this Thurs 12th April for two periods. Power is expected to be off between 8:30AM to 9:15AM and again between 4:30PM to 5.25PM, everything going to plan. Could be slightly longer should any problems be encountered along the way.This date and chosen times cannot be changed. The shutdown is necessary to allow the local lines company to perform much-needed network maintenance.

In preparation for these outages the Departments Technical Group will require most undergrad labs, research labs and staff office computers be shutdown tomorrow night (Wed 11th) starting from 5pm except in cases where we have been previously notified they need to be left running that evening. We will shut these exceptions down the next morning (Thurs 12th) from 7am. We will leave essential services such as email, authentication, home directory file servers and network services running up until 8am on morning of Thursday April 12th. Once the first outage is complete around 9.30am, we will restart essential services and any undergrad labs required for that day and leave these running until 3.00pm, where they will be shutdown for the duration of the second outage. These services will then be restarted once again after power is restored.

Staff and students should be able to power up and use computing devices safely between hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm but need to ensure they are turned off again by 3.30pm at the absolute latest. Power could drop out at any time from then on if the lines work is completed earlier than anticipated. Once again, feel free to start up your own computers any time after the second outage is over.

On the day of the outages it would be advisable that any Computer Science undergrad students work from home or elsewhere (such as the Robertson Library) if at all possible, apart from those that have been advised to attend scheduled labs that day between the times of 10am and 3pm.

All undergrad lab computers and other non-critical computing services won't be restarted until 6pm onwards that evening or possibly the following morning Fri 13th.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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