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There has never been a better time to become qualified in Computer Science - both the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates are projected to rise - see our employment resources page.

Our focus has always been on great teaching informed by great research, and now that we're in the Owheo building we have a single location for our labs, tutorials and research activities, and state of the art facilities. You can find the Owheo building on this map (PDF).

Our graduates find that a multitude of professions are available to them - in the legal, financial and business fields through to games development, software engineering and computer graphics.

Computer Science: what is it? See an introduction to Computer Science with Associate Professor Brendan McCane.

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Exponential Technologies and a Digital New Zealand
Owheo seminar, 20th November ...Read More

Graeme Muller (CEO of NZTech)
Technology continues to evolve at an exponential pace. As we move further into the era of cloud, mobile computing and big data analytics we are starting to observe a new wave of innovation accelerators. From 3D printing, AI and robotics to bio- & nano-technology these new technologies are all developing exponentially. As the pace of change accelerates, Graeme Muller, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, will share insights into the exponential opportunities that this could bring for New Zealand.


1 - 2 pm
Seminar Room (G34)
Owheo Building
133 Union Street East

Nature Hack
Want a new challenge after the exams are over in November? ...Read More

From Amy Ma, Sqore:

Create something amazing with this November's Nature Hack! Callaghan Innovation and Landcare Research are challenging NZ students to a weekend hackathon on Nov 6 - 8.

Free to enter, and held at a secret location in Wellington. Dream teams of up to three, or take destiny into your own hands!

More information here.

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