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Dr Stefanie Zollmann wins $1m MBIE research funding award

The department congratulates Dr Stefanie Zollmann who has won a $1,000,000 MBIE research funding award.

Her three-year project is called "Situated visualisation to enrich sports experience for on-site spectators".

Stefanie summarises the project this way: "Over the last couple of years, we have seen many major advancements in sports broadcasting as well as in the interactivity in sports entertainment. However, spectators at live sporting events still often miss out on this enriched content that is available to remote viewers through broadcast media or online.

The main idea of our project is to visualise game statistics in a novel way on the mobile devices of on-site spectators to give them access to information about the sporting event. We will provide spectators with an enriched experience like the one you see in a television broadcast.

For this purpose, we will use technologies like Augmented Reality to place event statistic such as scoring, penalties, team statistics, additional player information into the field of view of the spectators based on their location within the venue. Our research project will bring sports events closer to the audience, as well as bringing the spectators closer to the events and the teams".

A more detailed summary can be found on page 24 of the MBIE successful projects list here.

Exam timetable, Semester 2

COMP160 - Mon 30 Oct - 14:30

COSC212 - Wed 18 Oct - 14:30
COSC242 - Sat 28 Oct - 9:30
COSC244 - Tue 24 Oct - 9:30

COSC344 - Tue 31 Oct - 9:30
COSC345 - Thu 9 Nov - 9:30
COSC346 - Sat 11 Nov - 9:30

COSC402 - Tue 24 Oct - 14:30
COSC412 - Fri 27 Oct - 14:30
COSC441 - Thu 19 Oct 9:30

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