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There has never been a better time to become qualified in Computer Science - the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates continue to rise year by year.

Our focus has always been on great teaching informed by great research, and now that we're in the Owheo building we have a single location for our labs, tutorials and research activities, and state of the art facilities. You can find the Owheo building on this map (PDF).

Our graduates find that a multitude of professions are available to them - in the legal, financial and business fields through to games development, software engineering and computer graphics.

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Computer Science : What is it ?

A student at work

See an introduction to Computer Science with Associate Professor Brendan McCane.


Radio talk
A/P Ali Knott will be giving a talk on National Radio ...Read More

Associate Professor Ali Knott will be giving a talk on National Radio's 'Our changing world' on National Radio about his work on language and sensorimotor cognition.

Full details are here.

Robotics Education NZ and RoboCup
RENZ has just been awarded a $10,000 grant ...Read More

Two Departmental staff members (Sandy Garner, Anthony Robins) are members of the Robotics Education NZ Trust (RENZ), and very active in supporting robotics activities such as RoboCup Junior in schools.

RENZ has just been awarded a $10,000 grant from Google's Computer Science for High Schools (CS4HS) programme. The purpose of the grant is to run workshops for training teachers in robotics, and thus supporting schools' robotics activities.

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