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Welcome to Computer Science

There has never been a better time to become qualified in Computer Science - the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates continue to rise year by year.

Our focus has always been on great teaching informed by great research, and now that we're in the Owheo building we have a single location for our labs, tutorials and research activities, and state of the art facilities.

Our graduates find that a multitude of professions are available to them - in the legal, financial and business fields through to games development, software engineering and computer graphics.

Open the door to your future - explore our web pages to learn more !

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Computer Science : What is it ?

A student at work

See an introduction to Computer Science with Associate Professor Brendan McCane.


Upcoming IT Careers event
To be held on 20th August ...Read More

Many employers will be attending a Careers event to be held on Wednesday 20th August from 6-8.30pm in Com 2.03 & Com Staff Room.

Flyer here.

Congratulations to our latest completed PhD
Paul McCarthy ...Read More

Congratulations to our latest completed PhD, Paul McCarthy.

His thesis is entitled "Analysis of fMRI/EEG Data using Graph Theory Techniques". He was supervised by Dr Lubica Benuskova and Prof. Liz Franz (Psychology).

Update: Paul is now a postdoc with the FMRIB Centre, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford, U.K.

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