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There has never been a better time to become qualified in Computer Science - the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates continue to rise year by year.

Our focus has always been on great teaching informed by great research, and now that we're in the Owheo building we have a single location for our labs, tutorials and research activities, and state of the art facilities.

Our graduates find that a multitude of professions are available to them - in the legal, financial and business fields through to games development, software engineering and computer graphics.

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Computer Science : What is it ?

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See an introduction to Computer Science with Associate Professor Brendan McCane.


SLI Systems University of Otago Scholarships
SLI Systems is an innovative software development company offering up to two awards of $2,500 ...Read More

SLI Systems is an innovative software development company offering up to two awards of $2,500 to students who:
- are enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate study in Computer Sciences, Information Sciences, Mathematics, Sciences or related fields
- have a passion for coding, are detail oriented and have an instinctive desire to solve problems

Applications should consist of:
- a brief C.V.
- a covering letter discussing the applicant’s interests and study in relation to the type of work carried out by SLI Systems (see below).
- an academic transcript (the Doctoral and Scholarships Office can provide this – just add a signed note to your application giving the University permission to provide the transcript on your behalf).

Applications are due by 5pm, Monday 31 March. Applications must be submitted to the University of Otago Doctoral and Scholarships Office.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Doctoral and Scholarships Office:
Ph. 479 5292
Graduate Research School, north end of the Clocktower Building

"SLI Systems is at the forefront of developing innovative search technology, user-generated search engine optimization (SEO) services and dynamic site navigation. The company supports hundreds of ecommerce sites globally and serves millions of page views every day.

SLI Systems offers an exciting work environment and employs passionate and talented Software Developers from around the world.

The SLS Systems Scholarships for students attending the University of Otago have been established in 2013 to provide not only financial assistance but also networking and career opportunities for smart and tech-savvy students."

10,000 IT vacancies in NZ?
An industry group estimates there are currently 10,000 IT vacancies, which companies are struggling to fill. ...Read More

"A virtual recruitment fair is hoping to attract hundreds of international candidates to IT jobs in New Zealand in a bid to fill the skills shortage facing the sector.

An industry group estimates there are currently 10,000 IT vacancies [in NZ], which companies are struggling to fill.

In a bid to plug that gap, recruitment website, Immigration New Zealand, the expat network Kea and the New Zealand Technology Industry Association are hosting a virtual event called Tech Connect.

Thousands of IT workers from around the world are expected to dial into the the live streamed event on 31 March, where around 50 companies are advertising 200 jobs, as well as presentations from chief executives and industry leaders. "

Read more: IT sector plans recruitment drive.

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