BRACE is an Australasian Computer Science Education research project, closely modeled on the successful American based Bootstrapping and Scaffolding projects.  BRACE involves the same workshop presenters as Bootstrapping and Scaffolding, and the workshop organisers were participants in these earlier projects.   

 The initial BRACE workshop ran in January 2004 in Dunedin (New Zealand), following the ACE2004 conference. The second workshop ran in January 2005 in Sydney (Australia) before the ACE2005 conference. (Details of ACE2006 can be found here).

The BRACE joint research project was a success, with several papers recently published or to be presented at ACE2006.   BRACErs can access workshop resources using the link to the left.  If there are any questions, please email brace (Anthony Robins).


BRACE is funded by a SIGCSE special project award.
The image in the banner is from Tools as Art, The Hechinger Collection, Washington, DC