COMP212 Developing Web Applications



Text Books

Web Design in a Nutshell

Web Design in a Nutshell is generally good, but it has some errors you should be aware of. The most important of these are listed below. The publisher, O'Reilly, has further details of errors in this text.

Page Section Correction
32 Lists

6 Move the float, width, margin and border rules to the a specifications and note the difference in IE.

223 Scope

The possible attributes of scope are: row, col, rowgroup and colgroup. "column" is not a valid attribute as both the text and the code example suggest.

E.g.: <th scope="col">Moons</th>

234 Code example, bottom of page.

<noframes> is incorrectly placed outside of the frameset.

236 noframes: paragraph before code example.

The <noframes> element should be placed inside the frameset.

316 Code example The list item before the second nested list should not close where it does. The code should look like this:

  <li>Lorem ipsum</li>
  <li>Dolor sit amet</li>
      <li>Consectetuer adipiscing</li>
      <li>Elit pellentesque
          <li>Pharetre urna</li>
          <li>In laoreet tincidunt</li>

Lab Book

When errors in the lab book are detected they will be listed here.

Please let us know about any errors you spot.