COMP212 Developing Web Applications



The lab (G06 in Owheo Building ) is open 24/7; demonstrators are available during streamed labs to assist students with their work and also mark work.. The lab is not open to 212 students when the lecture is on.

You are guaranteed a seat in your two streamed labs each week.

Feel free to use the lab as much as you want at other times however demonstrator help will not be available.

Any spare seats in a streamed lab may be used by other students enrolled in that paper.


Semester 2, 2010

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am Free Free Free Free Free 8am
10am 10am
10am Free 212 Lab Free Free Free 10am
Noon Noon
Noon Free Free 212 Lab 212 Lab 212 Lab Noon
2pm 2pm
2pm Free 212 Lab Free 212 Lab Free 2pm
4pm 4pm
4pm - 8am Free 4pm - 8am