Computer Game Design

COSC 360 - Computer Game Design - Game Projects

The major task for COSC 360 students is to work in a team of 3-4 to design, build and polish a complete game.

The games are built in Unity and are playable in the browser.

Students are free to choose their own mechanics and theme for the game.

We have games covering a range of genres; shoot 'em ups, platformers, puzzle games, tower defence and more.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with Lech Szymanski.


Above and Below

Above and Below game

Above and Below is a 2D puzzle platformer where you control a brother and sister, Iliana and Dion, who were separated when the robot uprising forced the women and children of the human race underground. They meet by chance and must work collaboratively to find each other again. You can switch perspective from Iliana to Dion and back again with the touch of a button. They rely entirely on each other in order to solve the puzzles and move on to the next level, so prepare to challenge yourself as you make your way through Above and Below.


Dust game

Dust is an atmospheric 2D side scrolling puzzle-platformer game empowered by Unity. DUST enchants players into the role of a photophobic moth trying to find his daughter.

Gravity Warp

Gravity Warp game

Gravity Warp is a 2D puzzle platformer where you must manipulate the direction of gravity in order to solve puzzles and advance through an abandoned research facility.


Hush game

HUSH is a 2D puzzle platformer which follows a young boy’s journey back to his dad. The boy must avoid enemies and use his wits to navigate through his environment. Along the way, he uncovers repressed memories about his last conversation with his father that help him understand why he needs to return home.


NanoBlog game

Nanoblob is a game where the player character is a synthetic life form with a unique metabolism. The core objective is to consume smaller prey to grow in size while avoiding larger predators.

Reptile Rampage

Reptile Rampage game

A rip in space time has dumped a deluge of dinosaurs on Doom Island and Gavin the mad scientist has turned them into Triassic Turret Tripods by fitting them with huge guns, in this twin stick shoot em up, slay hordes of weaponised dinos and stop the madman Gavin before he takes over the world!


Revenge game

Revenge is a 2D platform shooter where you are tasked with recollecting the pieces of your suit, in order to defeat your enemy, and get Revenge!!

Roots of Evil

Roots of Evil game

Roots of Evil is a 2D farming simulator with a twist - the plants have a chance to "wake up" and try to murder you. You play as a farmer tasked with harvesting a special chemical from potentially violent plants. You can use your money to buy plants, special ammunition, and more as you try to harvest enough to fulfil your contract. Will you make it out alive, or will the plants get the better of you?


Seasons game

Seasons is a game where you play as a character on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean with no other land in sight. You must survive the elements and prepare yourself for the cold winters and the hot summers ahead. Using the island's resources at your disposal you must make wise decisions on how to best spend your time, as you might fall short of resources and supplies to stay alive.


Shodo game

Shodo is a top down beat em up. You play as a ninja who infiltrates a Palace. Fight waves of enemies, learning new combos as you go.

Terrae Bellum

Terrae Bellum game

Terrae Bellum is a turn based strategy war game. In which you are England fighting off Viking invaders. The aim of the game is to become strong enough by building farms, barracks, and walls such that you can fight back and regain your land Ultimately destroying all the Vikings.


Corporate Saboteur

Corporate Saboteur game

Corporate Saboteur is a 2D puzzle platformer which sees you as a hacker with a gravity-defying prototype gun and goal to take down the biggest and evilest corporation on the planet: Mighty Mega Corp!


Extinguish game

Extinguish is a fantasy tower defense game. As the defending water legion you’re tasked with the defense of your sacred well from the fire’s army of flames, with access to an arsenal of weapons and defenses.


Kerihos game

Kerihos is a side-scrolling shooter where the player is transported to a virtual world on a mission to destroy the Kerihos virus.

Paper Run

Paper Run game

Paper Run is a high intensity survival type game where you are trying to deliver mail while dodging the wide variety of distractions.

The Runaway Dream

The Runaway Dream game

The Runaway Dream is a side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up. The player chooses from a selection of unique ships and weapons, which are unlocked as you progress the game.

Run Monster Run

Run Monster Run game

Run Monster Run is a game where you play as a newly created Frankenstein's monster on the run from angry villagers.



In this game, you will play as Seagull Steve, defending your beach and your life from Blackbeak and his avian horde.



Dreamatorium game

Dreamatorium is 2D puzzle/adventure platformer. Journey through a total of three dreamscapes in order to face off against your worst enemy in an epic battle.



Eleven is a classic platform style game, with an original twist. It tells the story of an 11, a couple consisting of two “1’s” that has been separated by the evil Doctor Zero. The player must navigate a series of levels in order to complete the game. What makes it unique is the light and dark mechanic, and the cartoon based art style.

Kim Jong Fun

Kim Jong Fun game

In Kim Jong Fun, you play as North Korea in which your mission is to maneuver a robot around the planets to stop NASAs hold on the solar system.



LOCKDOWN is a 2D stealth platformer in which your goal is to escape from prison.


Ninjilante game

Ninjilante is a 2D stealth action game in which you control two competing ninjas that steal and kill their way towards a common objective. The player must stealthily navigate through large amounts of enemies by avoiding their cones of vision, to steal priceless gems.


Plunder game

Plunder is a procedurally generated top down rogue like Dungeon crawler, you play as Tristan Plunder an amateur mercenary cave explorer. One day after over hearing a group of people at the local inn talking about a cave full of treasure you quickly make your way to investigate, but be worn no one has ever returned after venturing into this unknown cave. Before the game starts you get a chance to pick a contract, the higher the reward the harder it is to find the item, so pick carefully. The goal of the game is to collect as much as possible before dying to maximise your score, but be aware each time you use a weapon its value will decrease.

Archive of games made prior to 2015