Advanced Database Topics


There will be an examination worth 60% and three assignments worth a total of 40%.

Assignment 1—Theory—worth 15%

Due: Friday 14th April 2017 by the local time end of Friday 21st April 2017


Assignment 2—DBA—worth 10%

The assignment specification is composed of 2 parts -
  • the scenario which gives you the background to the circumstances under which you are to complete the assignment,
  • and the
  • information sheet which sets out the general requirements and marking scheme.

Due: by 5pm on Friday 12th May 2017 - BUT no 10% penalty for lateness will be applied until after 15th May .

Assignment 3—Non-relational DBs—worth 15%

The specification is in COSC430-A3-2017.htm

Due: Friday 20th May 2017