Advanced Database Topics

COSC430 Lecture Timetable, Semester 1, 2017

Lectures are held 10am–11:50am on Mondays. Venue: Owheo Room G34, unless otherwise indicated.
N.B. Material for use in the Lab sessions is accessible only from departmental computers.

An additional session is being held at 10am–11:50am on Tuesdays. Lab B and G34 are both booked so that there is the greatest flexibility regarding what type of session to run. These sessions are not assessable, but are available for clarifications of questions raised during lectures, or extension, such as the exploration of the readings provided within the lecture notes.

No. Week starting Lecturer Lecture title
1 27 Feb David Eyers Introduction and Theory 1
2 06 Mar David Eyers Relational Theory 2
3 13 Mar David Eyers NoSQL Lab (in Lab B)
4 20 Mar Cathy Chandra Oracle setup and DBA (in Lab B)
5 27 Mar David Eyers Embedded DBs
6 03 Apr Richard O'Keefe Semistructured data and XML
7 10 Apr Richard O'Keefe Data mining
8 24 Apr David Eyers Temporal and geospatial databases
9 01 May Richard O'Keefe Multi-dimensional indexing
10 08 May David Eyers Scale-out and distributed DBs
11 15 May David Eyers Stream processing and Time-series DBs
12 22 May Richard O'Keefe Graph databases
13 29 May Cathy Chandra TBA

The Guest lecture / DBA discussion will now probably be scheduled for nearer the end of semester (after Assignment 2 is fully submitted, and the synopsis is sent out).