Assignment 02 - Game Documentation


The goal for this assignment is to work as a team to present a clear, concise description of the game you plan to build. The documentation you submit should demonstrate that your team has considered the process of implementing the game carefully and objectively. With only four weeks to prototype and build a finished game, careful planning and estimation of what is achievable will be crucial.

Getting Started

    Only one team member must:

  1. Create a new project on GitLab. Give it a meaningful name, because this will be the main repo for the game that your group is going to develop for this paper.
  2. Set the project privacy level to "Private", but add other team members as project members with "Developer" or "Master" access privileges.
  3. Give Lech and Nick read access to the repository, with "Reporter" access level.
  4. At this point, any team member can:

  5. Clone the project to get a local copy of the repository with ability to pull and push to the central repository on GitLab. You shouldn't need to fork the main repository, just clone the main one created by your team-mate.
  6. Contribute to the "Wiki" page associated with this project (click on the "Wiki" link on the right-hands side of the menu on your project page).


This is a team assignment. Your mark will be the team mark, so you all have a vested interest in ensuring these documents are as good as possible.

Turn the wiki page of your Gitlab project into a Game Design Document (GDD). It's probably easiest for me to read when it's in form of a single page broken into different sections. However, if you deem it necessary to break it into multiple wiki pages, that's fine too (as long as it's obvious what I need to read). It might be a good idea for different group members to work independently using different document/pages that address different aspects of your GDD, and then for one of you to put up/combine everything onto the project's wiki just before the submission. The document is to be informal, and humour is appreciated, but keep in mind that these GDDs are going to go up on the course website along with your games at the end of the year.

Rather than providing an exact specification for what needs to be in your documentation, below is a list of the things I will be looking for. Feel free to format / present this as you see fit.

Aim to cover all of the points in the list below:


For those of you who insist on knowing how marks will be allocated, here is an approximate guide:


Hand In

Submissions must be made by 5:00 pm, Friday 19th January, 2018. Late submissions will not be marked.

To submit your assignment:

You will be submitting the assignment via GitLab.

    Only one team member needs:

  1. To submit the assignment, send an e-mail to with the Subject: "COSC360 <team name> Assignment 2 submission", and the link to the wiki on GitLab pasted in the body. It's ok if you decided to change the team name from the one given, as long as I can figure out from your GDD which team you are (remember, should list all the people and roles in the document). This e-mail constitutes your submission and it must be sent before 5pm, Friday 19th January, 2018. Late submissions will not be marked. Don't forget to give Lech and Nick read access to the repository, with "Reporter" access level.
  2. Any extras that can't be incorporated into the wiki page can be submitted as attachments of the submission e-mail. Please do not take this as an excuse to not make an effort to put as much as possible onto the wiki.


GDDs from 2017 (available only when viewing the games from the campus network)

Art of Game Design


Joel on Software