Assignment 03 - Rapid Prototyping


To investigate the unknown aspects of your project, and use the information gained to refine and develop both your project plan and game design.

This is a team assignment.

To do

Last week your team worked on a Game Design Document, and as a part of this exercise you were supposed to come up with a prototyping plan. This week you are creating a number of prototypes. Document each prototype you construct. For each, describe:

Finally, present a summary briefly describing how the results of your prototyping have altered / confirmed your project plan. What aspects of the project are still unknowns?


Hand In

Submissions must be made by 5:00 pm, Friday 26th January, 2018. Late submissions will not be marked.

To submit your assignment:

All the documentation should go into the same wiki on GitLab where your Game Design Document resides. You don't have to wikify your prototype reports - you can create links on the wiki to pdf documents if it's more convenient. Each prototype should be described by a separate document. You will be submitting the assignment with link to the wiki as you did for the previous assignment.

    Only one team member needs:

  1. To submit the assignment send an e-mail to with the Subject: "COSC360 <team name> Assignment 3 submission", and the link to the wiki pasted in the body. This e-mail constitutes your submission and it must be sent before 5pm, Friday 26th January, 2018. Late submissions will not be marked.