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Shane Tonkin
Quinn Crashley-Viner
Caleb Cuttriss
Reade Fitiao

Time-Hops is a 2D puzzle platformer which follows the adventures of a time-traveling mushroom. In Time-Hops you have to use your power of time travel to navigate levels and solve puzzles.


  • Left and right Arrows: move left and right
  • Space: jump
  • E: interact with objects and pick-up/drop boxes
  • R: reset level
  • Esc: Pause
  • 1, 2 and 3: switch to the past, present and future respectively

Known Issues

  • If player time-travels and spawns in a platform, player gets pushed out towards the nearest edge which is occasionally problematic.
  • Doesn’t scale properly for full-screen so opted to use ‘minimal player’ build setting.
  • Player can launch themselves if they jump on something at the peak of their past jump.
  • Sometimes can’t jump on floating logs in level1.
  • Player can’t jump if touching side of box.
  • Sounds

    Sounds: Sounds were sampled from