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Quan Chen - Department of Computer Science


CAB: Cache Aware Bi-tier Task-stealing In Multi-socket Multi-core Architecture


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 5 August


In this talk, I will explore cache unfriendly problem of traditional task-stealing in multi-socket multi-core architecture. I will present an automatic DAG partitioning method and a corresponding bi-tier task-stealing policy that can significantly relieve the cache unfriendly problem. CAB uses the automatic DAG partitioning method to divide the DAG of a parallel program into two tiers accordingly. Based on the bi-tier DAG, CAB schedules tasks with shared data into the same socket, so that the shared data in the cache can be reused. Experiment results about our automatic DAG partitioning method and bi-tier task-stealing policy will be discussed.

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