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Robert Lindeman - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA


A Holistic Approach to Immersive Virtual Reality


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 18 May


Life is a multimedia experience. Yet, most systems proclaiming to provide immersive experiences use a very small subset of the available human sensory bandwidth, limited mainly to visual and audio cues. The Human Interaction in Virtual Environments (HIVE) Lab at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, USA, takes a more holistic approach, designing systems that provide feedback to several sensory modalities in concert. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the philosophy and current work being done in the HIVE Lab, as well as some newer theories of how to improve the overall depth of immersion.


Rob came to New Zealand as an Erskine Fellow at the Univeristy of Canterbury. He is working on several projects related to AR and VR, focusing mainly on the Android platform. He earned the BA (cum laude) degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University, the MS degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and the ScD degree in Computer Science from The George Washington University, focusing on Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, and Virtual Reality. Rob worked for six years in Germany doing HCI work for a software company focusing on factory automation software, and has spent the past 10 summers working at research labs in Japan (ATR, Osaka University). In his "normal" job, Rob is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, where he specialises in Interactive Media and Game Development.

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