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Jim Corner - University of Waikato


Toward the Measurement of Systems Intelligence


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 25 May


This non-technical talk presents a recently developed theory of human behaviour, Systems Intelligence (SI), and discusses the current state of its development. An extension of systems thinking, SI assumes that people have varying degrees of ability to work intelligently within the many competing systems in which they find themselves. This talk also discusses how attempts to actually measure SI in people is difficult and complex. While SI has been related to many disciplines in the published literature, little attention has been placed on its relationship to the information sciences. The speaker welcomes the audience to offer their thoughts in this area.


James Corner is Professor of Decision Sciences at Waikato Management School (WMS). He originates in the US, where he spent time working as a design engineer for Texas Instruments and a manager for US Steel. He has spent the last 20 years at WMS teaching and researching in the areas of descriptive and prescriptive decision theory, knowledge management, supply chain management, and systems intelligence. He has published in journals such as Operations Research, Management Science, JORS, European Journal of OR, Supply Chain Management, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Journal of KM, and Computers and OR, among others. He also is responsible for WMS being accepted into ERCIS, the European Research Center for Information Systems, and is a Research Fellow at BEM, Bordeaux School of Management, France.

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