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Thomas Verbeek and Geoff Wyvill, Department of Computer Science


"What is all this noise about?"


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 12 October


In 1985 Ken Perlin astonished the computer graphics community by producing stunning, synthetic pictures of water, fire and marble. He created these images with the use of a function now known as "Filtered Noise".

Since then, filtered noise has become pivotal to the creation of images, animation and special effects.

Yet Perlin's function has a number of well-known defects and every attempt to date to remove these has resulted in a much slower function. When a function is called millions of times in every frame of a movie, slower means more expensive and 3D animated features already cost tens of millions of dollars to produce.

We describe the problem in some detail and how recent developments in Otago might be about to change things.

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