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Holger Regenbrecht and Johnny Collins, Department of Information Science


Hypercube - Experiencing the fourth spatial dimension


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 3 March


It is hard, if not impossible to imagine four-dimensional space, i.e. a geometric space where four axes are perpendicular to each other. Immersive virtual reality can help to make such an experience happen. We propose a system allowing for the interactive perception of a four-dimensional cube, aka hypercube or tesseract, in three-dimensional space by utilizing available head-mounted display and tracking technology in combination with an embodied interaction technique sensing users' hand orientations in real world space to manipulate rotations in four-dimensional mathematical space.
For the vast majority of people this approach would allow them to experience such a mathematical construct for the first time - in a playful and embodied way. Also, this immersive hypercube system implements, extends, and validates a 45 year old idea of experiencing the fourth spatial dimension.

We present the background idea, our implementations of the original 1970's experiment and a modern interpretation of it using an immersive HTC Vive system, and first results of a pilot user study.

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