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Masha Mikhisor, PhD Student, Department of Computer Science


Face tracking for 3D interactive displays


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 19 May


Virtual reality is a hot topic nowadays. It makes gaming experience breath taking and there is a lot of potential in it for communication, health, education, design. Currently, the latest achievement in this field is wearable displays such as Oculus Rift that provides an amazing VR experience. But what if I don't want to wear anything on my head? Then I can experience virtual reality through the Watching Window, a 3D interactive display.

In this presentation I will talk about 3D interactive displays coupled with head tracking (the Watching Window). The goal of my research is to develop a reliable 3D head tracking algorithm suitable for such displays. I studied classical ways to do 3D tracking using depth maps and decided to take an alternative route. I developed a fast and accurate 2D face tracking algorithm first and then explored different ways to extend it into 3D without building a depth map.

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