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Assoc. Prof. Jan Springer, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Visual Cybersecurity Analytics


Owheo G34 - 11:00 am, Friday 22nd November


Over the past two to three decades visualization has been embraced in many fields. Not only that but this embrace actually includes (and prefers) advanced and, in many cases, highly interactive visualization scenarios of non-trivial and complex situations in engineering, medicine, and many other real-world applications. However, there is one area where this trend and its advances are not to be found: cybersecurity operations and its related fields.

Today, the demand for cybersecurity operators (e.g., data analysts, network engineers, thread hunters) is rapidly increasing together with ever larger amounts of data to be analyzed for patterns, threats, etc.

On the other hand, people working in this area are restricted in the kind of tools they are able or allowed to use. While this is understandable in truly sensitive domains, the majority of information cybersecurity operators are dealing with is usually public non-sensitive data. But even then the restrictions are being kept and rather simplistic tools are used for very complex analysis problems. In this talk we will explore potentially fruitful avenues for using large-data analysis and visualization strategies in the context of cybersecurity operations. The talk is based on initial work in the Department of Computer Science and the Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.


Dr Jan Springer is an Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He worked as a lecturer at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom for six years and has more than 19 years of research experience in the U.S., in the U.K., and in his native Germany. He received his Ph.D. from Bauhaus University Weimar/Germany. His areas of interest and expertise are:

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