If time did not matter:  Information portrayal in dynamic environments.
Dr William Wong, lecturer and Director of the Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory
Department of Information Science
In this seminar, information portrayal is explained in relation to
information presentation, and why understanding this difference is
important to the design of representations for operators and controllers of
dynamic processes. An integrated model of decision making in naturalistic
decision making (NDM) in emergency ambulance command and control is
proposed.  This model is used to guide the development and experimentation
of three approaches used to design how information is portrayed to
emergency ambulance dispatchers.  The outcomes of these experiments will be
presented and future directions discussed.

Dr B.L. William Wong is a Lecturer and Director of the Multimedia Systems
Research Laboratory in the Department of Information Science.  Before
coming to Otago in 1992, he was Head, Systems and Communications Operations
Branch, HQ Republic of Singapore Air Force.  He has since lectured in IT
management and subsequently in human-computer interaction, multimedia, and
human factors in information systems.  His research interests includes
information portrayal, cognitive engineering, human-computer interaction,
cognitive task analysis, and naturalistic decision making.