Hugh Malan, PhD student, Department of Computer Science
Title: Towards Reusable Objects


Reusing a 3d model implies its use in a scene or situation that differs from
the one that it was built in.  Current 3d modellers include little support
for reuse other than the operations of translation, rotation, scaling, or
some other deformation, applied to an old model.  This work presents a
script language that allows the specification of constraints, such as
continuity with the neighbouring surface, and for arranging multiple
instances of sub-objects - for example, constructing the pickets of a fence.
A graphical method of constructing scripts is described that allows the bulk
of the work of creating and editing scripts to be accomplished within a
traditional 3d editor rather than by writing code, so non-programmers are
able to take advantage of many of the features of the script language.