Dr Anthony ROBINS

Planning for a change to Java

Since the dawn of time the language taught in Comp103 has been Pascal.
Next year it will change to Java. This is a major change with flow on
effects for subsequent papers in both Computer Science and Information

Why are we changing? What's involved? What is the timetable for the
change? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Java as a first
programming language? What is the best way to teach Java? How do novices
learn a first language and does this help us plan? I expect this to be a
shortish seminar, with those particularly interested in these issues
welcome to stay on for discussion afterwards.

About the Speaker: I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer
Science. I've been involved in teaching Comp103 since 1992, and for my
many sins I will be developing and teaching the new Java based course.