The Integrated Decision Model in Emergency Dispatch Management and
Its Implications for Design

Dr B.L. William Wong, Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Science

Abstract: In this seminar, an integrated model of decision making in
dynamic environments will be proposed, and the implications of this model
for systems design will also be discussed. This integrated model is based
on a number of well-known naturalistic decision making, NDM, models
(Zsambok & Klein, 1997). Key features of these models were identified and
were found to represent different views of the same naturalistic decision
making process. The key features of these different views were then
integrated into a single model called the Integrated Decision Model. Data
from a study of emergency dispatch co-ordinators was used to determine the
'goodness of fit' of the model in a naturalistic domain. The study found
enough evidence in the emergency dispatch management process to support the
proposal of the Integrated Decision Model.

This seminar was first presented at the OzCHI'99 Conference in Dec 1999.
It was selected as one of the top six papers from the conference and has
since been published by invitation in the Australian Journal of Information