Hierarchical Implicit Modelling or how to build convincing sea creatures

Brian Wyvill (GraphicsJungle lab. University of Calgary)

The focus of this talk is the work of the GraphicsJungle lab. over the
last year. Implicit modelling is building in popularity but is still
not considered as a serious modelling technique with wide application.
Presented here are some ideas and applications which demonstrate that
implicit modelling can produce useful and accurate models which
can be designed very quickly.

One of the problems is the speed of visualisation. Some recent attempts
to speed up polygonisation and ray tracing are described. Some applications
are also presented in the form of various biological models and animations.

Brian Wyvill is a professor at the University of Calgary. He has been
involved in computer animation since the late 1970's when he worked on sequences
for the movie, 'Alien'. Since the mid-1980's he has worked with Geoff Wyvill
on the development of modelling and animation tools for implicit surfaces.