Title: "Data mining and knowledge discovery in bioinformatics - a connectionist approach"

Bioinformatics is a growing area of science that integrates methods from
biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, information and computer
science, mathematics and statistics. The recent announcement by Celera
Genomics of the almost sequenced human genome, the tremendous amount of
data and information collected so far, the enormous complexity,
uncertainty and dynamics of the problems in bioinformatics set new
requirements to the information science methods.

The talk presents some problems from the three major areas of
Bioinformatics, namely: DNA sequence analysis, gene expression data
analysis, and protein analysis, and introduces some connectionist-based
techniques for solving these problems.

World-trends in Bioinformatics from both scientific and commercial
perspectives are discussed.

Professor Nikola (Nik) Kasabov
Director Knowledge Engineering Lab,
Information Science Department, University of Otago,
P.O.Box 56, Dunedin,New Zealand
email: nkasabov@otago.ac.nz
phone:+64 3 4798319; fax: +64 3 4798311; mobile: +64 21 488328