Mondrian, An Experimental Functional Language For OO Environments

The talk will give an overview of Mondrian, a functional language
designed to interwork well in OO envrionments such as JVM and .NET.
Mondrian uses classes and subtyping for data types, rather than the
traditional sum types used in functional languages, to fit in the OO
model. From functional languages it provides parametric polymorphism,
non-strict evaluation, monadic I/O etc. Mondrian code can be called
directly from OO languages such as Java and C#. Brief mention will
also be made of our work on Haskell and future directions.

The Mondrian team had early access to .NET through their continuing
research collaboration with Microsoft. For the curious I will be
happy to answer questions on .NET, provided the answers are not under
NDA, either at the end of the seminar or at other times during my