Keeping Young People Safe on the Internet

The best way to ensure that New Zealand young people have positive experiences on the Internet is to educate them, their parents or caregivers and the wider community about what risks there are on the Internet and how best to minimise those risks. Liz Butterfield, President of the Internet Safety Group, will talk about the situations where young people can be unsafe and how simple, commonsense strategies can be effective prevention.  Liz, co-author of the Internet Safety Kit that went to every school in New Zealand, will also discuss how schools can use the Kit to set up safe Internet learning environments and can educate their students and parents about the Net. 

Liz Butterfield is President of the Internet Safety Group and Development Manager of Auckland Rape Crisis.  Liz has written a number of articles about Internet Safety issues for publications such as Social Work Now (with Police Superintendent Howard Broad), Education Today, and Computers in New Zealand Schools.  She frequently gives seminars about Internet Safety, including a recent talk at the University of South Florida as part of their Distinguished Speaker series.