Chasing the Tiger (or: Things a University Education Can't Prepare You For)

It's not uncommon for a good university education to be thrown out the
window in the 'Real World' due to the presence of rapidly changing requirements
and deadline pressures. Good software engineering practices can easily
become a casualty in the battle to produce commercially viable software.

This needn't be the case however, and in this presentation I'll describe
the GolfTrac system, developed by Virtual Spectator, and how it's
development highlights some of the best and worst of software engineering

GolfTrac is a real-time animation package for live television broadcasts. With
this system a broacaster can fly each hole, highlighting danger areas,
ideal hit zones, green conditions and wind effects. They can also show where
players balls have landed and what kind of shot they can play. GolfTrac has been used
extensively on both the US and Australian PGA tours, as well as several other high
profile events.