1 Week in July.
Six Graduate Students.
5 Cities
1 Famous Computer Scientist.
A plane, mini-bus, taxis.
A free lunch
And You Get:
Inspiration and motivation so YOU can become one of the
Next Generation of NZ Computer and Information Scientists
to change the world.

The Next Generation Tour arrives at Otago on Friday 19th July.
Come along and hear Prof. Harold Thimbleby from the University
College London Interaction Centre speak about 'Changing Worlds
with Computer Science'. Then find out what it is really like
to do graduate studies in NZ, as told by six graduate students
from NZ universities.

After the talks there will be a free lunch and a chance to chat
with tour members and view posters with information about the
research opportunities in NZ.

Where: Rm Co2.07/2.08
When: Fri 19th July, 12-1.30pm (and free lunch)

More information: http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/TNG