Title: The computer science of everyday things

Speaker: Prof Harold Thimbleby, University College London Interaction Centre

Abstract: Computer science is all around us, providing
excitement and magic. Almost everything has a computer
in it -- but how often are you irritated by not
recording TV programmes, leaving cash behind in ATMs,
or your mobile phone dialling by accident? Crashing
word processors? Crashing airplanes?

Whether ticket machines, mobile phones or 'active
houses' it seems innovation is being led more by
fashion than by any effort to make things easier to

The talk will be of interest to anyone who uses
computers or complex devices. And for anyone who knows
computer science, the talk will offer constructive
ideas and be challenging!

About the Speaker: Harold Thimbleby is Director of the UCL Interaction
Centre, University College London. He is also Gresham
Professor of Geometry, holding the oldest maths chair
in Britain -- Gresham College having survived over
four centuries to continue a tradition of public
lectures. Harold is a well known speaker, and has
given talks and keynotes in many countries.