"From Theory to Practice: 8 years and just beginning"

When I was a student at Otago University, I really didn't have much of an
idea about what sort of jobs are available, what sort of work I would be
doing, or even what programming languages are most used.

My aim is to briefly cover some of the different industries that I have been
involved in, and the different types of roles that there are available in
the software development arena.

I'll also cover my defining moments as a developer (there have been
several), and some of the challenges that arise when working in the
corporate environment.

Brief bio

New Zealander.  Attended Otago University 1991 - 1994, completed a BSc
(hons) in Computer Science.  I have been a freelance consultant since
mid-1996.  Primary development language has been C++, but have branched out
into Java, Perl and Python.  Currently working in London, UK for Lehman
Brothers (www.lehman.com) as a contract software developer.