Collaborative Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces typically involve the overlay of virtual imagery over the real world. In this presentation I describe how AR techniques can be used to enhance face to face and remote collaboration. In our research we have discovered that augmented reality can be used to restore spatial cues normal missing in remote collaboration and provide an intuitive way of interacting with virtual models in a face to face setting.

Mark Billinghurst is a researcher developing innovative computer interfaces that explore how virtual and real worlds can be merged to enhance face-to-face and remote collaboration. He holds appointments as a Research Scientist at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab) in
Seattle, Washington, and also as Director of the HIT Lab (New Zealand) at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He has produced over 70 technical publications and his work has been demonstrated at a wide variety of conferences. He is active in several research areas
including Augmented and Virtual Reality, wearable computing and conversational computer interfaces. He has previously worked at ATR Research Labs in Japan, British Telecom and the MIT Media Laboratory.