Professor Wiebe van der Hoek
University of Liverpool

Title: "On the Dynamics of Epistemics"
(based on work by Wiebe van der Hoek, Hans van Ditmarsch and Barteld Kooi)

The semantics of modal logic is very suitable for modelling knowledge, and also for modelling change. We propose a framework to combine the two. This leads to a very expressive framework for reasoning about the change of one's knowledge about another's knowledge and ignorance. We will first see why a straightforward generalisation of methods in Belief Revision does not apply here. By considering the most basic multi-agent system, a scenario where two agents reason about the knowledge of only one atomic fact, we see how our framework deals with change of knowledge.

Professor van der Hoek is head of the Agent Applications, Research, and Technology group (Agent ART), which carries out both pure and applied research in the area of autonomous agents and multiagent systems