Tony McGregor, University of Waikato

Title: "Introducing The WAND Network Research Group"

Computer networks, including the Internet, are having an ever increasing impact on everyday life. The behaviour of computer networks is only partly understood. Improving our understanding of computer networks, with a view to increasing their reliability and performance is the goal of network measurement.

The WAND group is involved with a range of computer network projects mostly focused around network measurement and long distance wireless networks. The group has a strong international reputation and has close links, including collaborative research, with several other network measurement groups. These include NLANR, CAIDA, Sprint and Hewlett-Packard's measurement subsidiary, Agilent.

This seminar will briefly introduce the main projects the group is involved with. These include:

It is hoped that, after a brief introduction to these topics informal discussion will follow, particularly with a mind to collaborative work and joint student projects.

Slides may be viewed here