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Ralf Hebecker, Department of Design Studies


User-centered design: how to make things work and fun to use


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 11 May


Most interfaces of technical devices and software are unnecessarily complicated and driven rather by technology than their user's needs. The reasons for that are multilayered, a nevertheless very frequent one is a lack of interaction design understanding in the early planning and realisation phases. Design can - if it is involved early enough into project planning - help to dramatically improve the usability, the usefulness and the desirability of devices and software.

This lecture tries to drive out the common misconceptions that interface design is mostly screen design related and 'that design is prettifying things' at the end of a device or software design process. It will also show with several examples how user-centered design works, how hard simple can be, and which kind of thinking leads to successful - and beautiful - solutions.

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