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Tobias Langlotz, Graz University of Technology


Handheld Augmented Reality


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 03 April


Augmented Reality (AR) combines real and virtual in a single view, putting information right where it belongs - into the real world. This is an exciting new way of seeing, and can provide a new class of user interface experiences, in particular for mobile computing. In this talk we would like to present a short history of Handheld Augmented Reality at Graz University of Technology as well as our current research in the field of Handheld Augmented Reality. The main problem we want to address is the difficulty to develop high performance AR applications for phones especially real-time tracking and rendering. Beside this we show up some other hard problems that must be addressed to make Handheld AR acceptable to a general public. This includes interaction as well as authoring and content distribution.


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