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Zhiyi Huang, Department of Computer Science


Concurrency control in parallel computing


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 28 May


In this talk I will address concurrency control that challenges parallel computing for decades. Mutual exclusive approaches such as locks are common, but they often result in low concurrency for coarse-grained parallelism and deadlock problems for fine-grained parallelism. Though the more optimistic approaches like transactional memory provide programming convenience for fine-grained parallelism, they suffer from degraded performance when high concurrency causes conflicts and roll-backs.

This talk proposes a View-Oriented Transactional Memory (VOTM) system to seamlessly integrate the locking mechanism and the transactional memory. A Restricted Admission Control (RAC) scheme is proposed to control the number of processes accessing the shared data, in order to reduce the number of aborts of transactions. Experimental results demonstrate that VOTM with RAC significantly outperforms traditional transactional memory models such as TL-2. This work is jointly done with my PhD student Kai-Cheung Leung.

This talk is for a general audience who may not have a good background in parallel computing.

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