2002 Computer and Information Science Seminar Series

This page provides a list of seminars that will be presented on the dates specified at 1:00pm in the Archway 2 lecture
theatre. Where available, an abstract of the seminar can be displayed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

All dates and speakers should be considered tentative until the week of the seminar!

Please check the current seminar pages if you wish to be added to a mailing list to receive official seminar announcements.

Semester 1


March 1

The AI Industry: Lessons Learned in the First 20 Years
Neil Jacobstein, President and CEO, Teknowledge Corporation, Palo Alto, California USA

March 8
How do you design a good user interface?
Prof Soren Lauesen

March 15
The Document Value Model or, "Objects Considered Harmful"
Dr R A O'Keefe, Department of Computer Science

March 22
Artificial Neural Networks for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
Mike Watts, Senior Teaching Fellow, Information Science

March 29
Mid-semester Break


April 5
Mid-semester Break

April 12
Public communication of secrets
Dr Hans van Ditmarsch, Department of Computer Science

April 19
Routing in Wireless  Ad-Hoc Networks with Irregular Transmission Ranges
Jaroslav Opatrny, Department of Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

April 26
The 2002 ACM ICPC World Finals or What I did on my (busman's) holiday
Dr Chris Handley, Department of Computer Science


May 3
Rugby: (a) union of space and time
Peter Whigham and Tony Moore, Department of Information Science

May 10
Title: Sorting with a forklift
Dr Michael Albert, Department of Computer Science

May 17
Software Gerontology & Immortality
Nazim H Madhavji, Department of Information Science

May 24
From Bio Information to Bioinformatics
Dr Peter Stockwell, Biochemistry Department

May 31
Information Science


Semester 2