e-mail to Geoff Wyvill
If you think mail to me may have been filtered, try again with the subject line "Honestly for Geoff".

In 2003, I set up a 'white list' scheme to eliminate SPAM. It worked but also caused me to miss some wanted e-mail.

For some years now, all the worst SPAM coming to this university has been filtered out by 'PureMessage'. This includes breast and penis enlargements, "you have won ... in a lottery", on-line gambling etc. PureMessage sends me daily summaries of mail it has filtered. I don't look at them.

Unfortunately, I am also getting an alarming amount of unwanted mail from people who don't realise they are SPAMmers. This includes publishers, organisers of conferences  on subjects far from my interests, various magazines and commercial sites who don't respond to 'unsubscribe' requests.

Therefore, I am now operating a 'black list' system that dumps mail from places and organisations that I prefer to ignore. It is possible, but unlikely that some legitimate mail will get caught by this filter.

So, I am keeping my 'magic subject line'. If the subject line is
"Honestly for Geoff" your mail will bypass my blacklist filter. It
is still possible that your mail could be thrown out by Pure Message but several months of checking the lists of rejected messages suggest that is unlikely unless you are really a SPAMmer of the worst kind.

Geoff at otago
                      dot ac dot nz

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