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 Events 2004

Every Friday at 2:30 pm, 523 Castle Street
Date 2004Topic/Presenter Afternoon Tea
17/12Presentation by: Ben Sharpe and Stuart Sharpe (ex-Graphics)
Title: UK, ARL, and other interesting things...
the Duck
10/12Presentation by: Wout Slakhorst (U. of Twente)
Title: Head and hand tracking on the Watching Window
Judith and Lydia
03/12Presentation by: Andrew Trotman (PhD)
Title: Optimal structure weighted retrieval
26/11Presentation by: Yerin Yoo
Title: Introducing BLENDER, a 3D animation/modeling tool with a raytracer
the Duck
19/11Presentation by: Jayson Mackie (PhD)
Title: Finger detection with decision trees
Presentation by: Andrew Wood (Masters)
Title: Ray tracing arbitrary objects on the GPU
Both of these talks were presented at IVCNZ2004, Akaroa, Christchurch.
12/11Presentation by: Raymond Scurr (Teaching fellow)
Title: A mathological review
the Duck
05/11No meeting today - afternoon tea at 3pm.
the Duck
29/10Presentation by: Alexis Angelidis (PhD)
Title: Tangled-Spaghettis - vorticity-based simulation of smoke
Geoff B and Yerin
22/10Presentation by: Gina Chuang (visiting student, U. Penn)
Title: Eigenfaces for the Watching Window
15/10No meeting today - 4th year graphics assignments due.
08/10No meeting today - 4th year 480-490 reports due.
the Duck
01/10Presentation by: Alexis Angelidis (PhD)
Title: Swirling-Sweepers: constant-volume modeling (Best Paper Awardat Pacific Graphics 2004, Seoul, Korea)
Gina and Natalie
23/09Update from everyone
the Duck
17/09Presentation/Recital by: Alina Novac (Masters)
Title: Blue notes flash beyond C minor
the Duck
10/09No meeting
the Duck
03/09Presentation by: Annabel Kueh (Masters)
Title: Generic rigging for character animation
27/08Presentation by: Hugh Malan (ex-Graphics, Pandromeda)
Title: Making Realworldz - demo created by Hugh for 3Dlabs to showcase their new generation of graphics cards. It procedurally generates a virtual planet that the user can explore.
Andrew T
20/08Presentation by: Alexis Angelidis and Geoff Wyvill
Alexis will talk about his trip to Europe and with Geoff will report on SIGGRAPH.
13/08No meeting
the Duck
06/08Update from everyone, plus Brendan's eigenface tutorial
30/07Presentation by: Phil McLeod (PhD)
Title: Musical Signal Feature Extraction.
23/07No meeting
biscuits (the Duck)
Wednesday, 2:30pm
Presentation by: Jeroen Broekhuijsen (U. of Twente)
Title: The Watching Window: new camera system and modification of tracking code.
Later that evening...farewell dinner at Lone Star.
biscuits (the Duck)
16/07Presentation by: Jayson Mackie (PhD)
Title: Feature detection with decision trees
09/07Presentations by: COSC480/490 students
- Mandy Mok: Comparison of music notation software (Geoff)
- Natalie Zhao: A survey on speech recognition (Geoff)
- Shanan Gough: Text in images I (Chris)
Matthew Jenkin
02/07Presentation by: Charles Petit (U. of Twente)
Title: The Watching Window
Graphicsfarewell afternoon tea for Scott and TamitheDepartment's farewell at Filadefio's.
the Duck
Thursday, 1:30pm
Presentations by: COSC480/490 students
- Karen Gray: Poetry recitation by computer (Scott)
- Sonil Gohil: GPU shaders (Scott)
PLUS the 2nd Official Graphics Lab Table-Tennis Championships
biscuits (the Duck)
25/06Presentation by: Neil Dodgson (U. of Cambridge)
Title: Autostereoscopic 3D displays: stereoscopic perception without the special glasses
Andrew W
18/06Presentation by: Graphics postgrads Andrew Wood, Zhuming Lam, and Damon Simpson
11/06Presentation by: Jeremy Burgess (COSC480/490 student)
Title: A watercolour based rendering system
04/06No meeting
the Duck
28/05Presentation by: Kevin Novins (U. of Auckland)
the Duck
21/05Presentation by: Alexis Angelidis (PhD)
Title: Sweepers: a new class of space deformations suitable forinteractive virtual sculpture (Best Paper Awardat SMI'04, Genova, Italy)
14/05Presentation by: Tim Nixon, Straylight Studios
07/05Brief meeting
the Duck
30/04No meeting
the Duck
23/04Update from everyone present
16/04No meeting (mid-term break)
09/04No meeting (Good Friday)
02/04Presentations by: COSC480/490 students
- Jeremy Burgess: Graphics project (Scott)
- Karen Gray: Poetry recitation by computer (Scott)
- Mandy Mok: Comparison of music notation software (Geoff)
- Natalie Zhao: A survey on speech recognition (Geoff)
- Shanan Gough: Text in images I (Chris)
- Sonil Gohil: GPU shaders (Scott)
the Duck
26/03Presentations by: Graphics postgraduates - Alexis Angelidis (PhD), Jayson Mackie (PhD), Andrew Wood (MSc), Annabel Kueh (MSc), Damon Simpson (COSC470).
19/03Presentations by: Summer bursary students 2003-04 - Natalie Zhao, Annabel Kueh
12/03Presentation by: Brendan McCane
Title: 3D estimation of lumbar position and shape from single x-rays.
Plus, Phil McLeod's Table-Tennis Tournament ...
the Duck
20/02Presentation by: Brian Wyvill (University of Calgary)
Title: Calgary lab and what they do. Plus, some Mozart from Mandy and Geoff.
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