Lessons in Play

An Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory

LaTeX macros

These files were updated in October, 2007. The board drawing routines are now more robust.

For those interested in drawing diagrams similar to those which appear in the book, we include the LaTeX macros here. Please do not ask for help installing these on a particular platform; we won't likely know the answers. Typically, if you place the .sty and .mf files in the same directory as any .tex files which will use them, that will work.

Most (probably, all) LaTeX installations have a way to separate these files out into library directories which any .tex file can reference.

To download the macros, either

Each of the two .sty files come with a sample .tex file showing how to use it. You should be able to run LaTeX on each .tex file.

Note that combgames.sty and board.sty use pstricks, a package included with most LaTeX installations. Consequently, you will need to convert the output to postscript before you can view or print most features. For instance, on most linux installations, you can

    latex combgames
    dvips combgames.dvi -o combgames.ps

    latex board
    dvips board.dvi -o board.ps
and then view or print combgames.ps and board.ps