PhD Opportunity
If you found this page from our departmental website, you will have noticed that my title these days is 'emeritus professor'. This, of course, is Latin for retired expert. But in a university it means that I have retired at least from full time teaching but I'm still active to some extent in my old department.

I get a fair bit of mail from prospective PhD students. Unfortunately, the great majority do not read my web pages and seem to be largely ignorant of where my interests lie. I retired, officially, in 2011 and the last of my PhD students completed in 2018. Over 45 years of university teaching, I accepted a great many graduates whose ideas, while interesting, were not relevant to my main interests. Now I am more picky.

So if you think you would like to do a PhD with me as supervisor ...
  1. You need a project proposal that includes a component of art or music or in some way promises to be useful to the artistic community. If you have studied my web pages you will realise that I have a fairly loose idea of what art is. So if you have a really cool idea that doesn't fit into any ordinary category, it is worth asking.
  2. You need to qualify for one of our university scholarships, because I have no other source of funding these days. In practice this means a GPA of at least 8/10 = 3.2/4.
  3. You have to e-mail me directly with a one-page CV and a one page outline of what you want to do. If you cannot summarise your ideas in one page, then you don't understand them well enough yourself and you are unlikely to catch my interest.

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