SIGIR 2008 Workshop on Focused Retrieval

(Question Answering, Passage Retrieval, Element Retrieval)

24 July 2008

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Proceedings of the SIGIR 2008 Workshop on Focused Retrieval
Andrew Trotman, Shlomo Geva, Jaap Kamps (editors)
[PDF (2.29MB)]


Focused Retrieval over Richly-Annotated Collections
Matthew Bilotti, Le Zhao, Jamie Callan, Eric Nyberg

Let's Phrase It: INEX Topics Need Keyphrases
Antoine Doucet, Miro Lehtonen

Sound ranking algorithms for XML search
Djoerd Hiemstra, Stefan Klinger, Henning Rode, Jan Flokstra, Peter Apers

Experiments and Evaluation of Link Discovery in the Wikipedia
Darren Huang, Andrew Trotman, Shlomo Geva

An Analysis of Multi-Focus Questions
Chuan-Jie Lin, Ren-Rui Liu

A study of statistical query expansion strategies for sentence retrieval
David Losada

Text Snippets from the DomGraph
Jacob Ratkiewicz, Filippo Menczer

Modelling Anchor Text Retrieval in Book Search based on Back-of-Book Index
Hengzhi Wu, Gabriella Kazai, Thomas Roelleke

Link Detection in XML Documents: What about repeated links?
Junte Zhang, Jaap Kamps