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Stefanie Zollmann


Room Owheo Building, Room 251
Phone +64 3 479 8587

My main research interest is Visual Computing, a field described as the intersection between traditional Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Visualisation and Human-Computer Interaction. Within this field, I am in particular interested in visualisation techniques where digital data needs to be visualised in its spatial context. This kind of visualisation is often referred to as Situated Visualisation and has many application areas including the visualisation of geospatial data, sports broadcasting, construction site visualisation, archeological visualisation, medical visualisation, or personal information systems. Situated visualisation raises many interesting research questions for Computer Vision research (such as live 3D reconstruction, image analysis and vision-based tracking), for Visualisation and Computer Graphics research (such as seamless integration of information and information presentation) as well as for Human-Computer-Interaction (such as intuitive viewpoint control).

Before joining the Department of Computer Science in September 2016, I worked as a senior developer at Animation Research Limited (ARL) in Dunedin. At ARL I was doing industrial research and development in the field of sports visualisation, post-production, and geo-data visualisation in cooperation with several renowned companies and institutions. Before moving to New Zealand, I worked as a research assistant at Graz University of Technology in Austria, from where I also obtained my PhD researching visualisation techniques for GIS data and temporal data in an outdoor augmented reality system.

For more information, please see my research pages.

Selected Publications:

Augmented reality for construction site monitoring and documentation
S Zollmann, C Hoppe, S Kluckner, C Poglitsch, H Bischof, G Reitmayr
Proceedings of the IEEE 102 (2), 137-154

Image-based ghostings for single layer occlusions in augmented reality
S Zollmann, D Kalkofen, E Mendez, G Reitmayr
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2010

Smart Vidente: advances in mobile augmented reality for interactive visualization of underground infrastructure
G Schall, S Zollmann, G Reitmayr
Personal and ubiquitous computing 17 (7), 1533-1549

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