Mia's Page

Here's the little darling on her first day on the planet: (Jan '99)

Here she is doing what she does best (Jan '99):

Here she is with a poor waif impression after her first bath (Jan '99):

Here she is in parliament (March '99):

Here she is looking like the Doge of Venice: (March '99):

Here she is demonstrating her super double quiff (March '99):

And here she is looking like her mum (March '99):

Looking like the infant Prince Nebuchadnezzar (April '99):

Looking at her bee (May '99):

Looking like Henry VIII (May '99):

Looking like Clive of India (May '99):

Looking like an alien from space (May '99):

First ever laugh! (May '99):

Smiling while bouncing (May '99):

Looking smart (May '99):