computer science


COMP112S1Web Development and Digital Media
COMP150S1Practical Programming
COMP160S2, SSGeneral Programming
COSC212S2Advanced Web Development
COSC241S1Programming and Problem Solving
COSC242S2Algorithms and Data Structures
COSC243S1Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
COSC244S2Data Communications, Networks, and the Internet
TELE202S2Telecommunication Networks
COSC301S1Network Management
COSC326S1,S2,SSEffective Programming
COSC341S1Theory of Computing
COSC342S1Computer Graphics
COSC343S1 Artificial Intelligence
COSC344S2Database Theory and Applications
COSC345FYSoftware Engineering
COSC346S2Object-Oriented Programming
COSC360 SS Computer Game Design
COSC3** S1, S2 Notes for 300 level students
COSC402 S2 Advanced Computer Networks
COSC410 NA Logic for Artificial Intelligence
COSC412 S2 Cryptography and Security
COSC420 S1 Neural Networks
COSC421 NA Neural Models of Language
COSC430 S1 Advanced Database Topics
COSC431 S1 Information Retrieval
COSC440 S2 Advanced Operating Systems
COSC441 NA Concurrent Programming
COSC450 S1 Computer Vision and Graphics
COSC470 S1, S2 Special Topic
COSC471 S1, S2 Approved Special Paper
COSC480 FY Project
COSC490 FY Research project
COSC4** S1, S2 Notes for 400 level students