computer science



Data Communications, Networks, and the Internet

Semester 2

This paper is also known as TELE 202.

As an introductory paper to data communications and computer networks, this paper consists of three parts. The first part covers the fundamental aspects of data communications, including transmission media, signals and encoding, modulation, multiplexing, data compression, error detection and correction, security, and protocols.

The second part covers the topics of computer networks, including the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model, Local Area Networks (LANs) and their IEEE standards,flow and error control, Wide Area Networks (WANs), routing algorithms, congestion control, and transport services. The third part covers the principles of the Internet, including the TCP/IP reference model, the Internet Protocol (IP) suite, various Internet applications, and IPv6. Some advanced topics, such as wireless networking, and computer ethics are also covered in the paper.