computer science


Guidelines for using the department's computing resources

Here's some information mainly intended for new users.

Operating system

We use some variant of unix - a multi-user operating system - on most of our departmental machines. Most machines are dual-boot.
In our undergrad labs the main operating systems are currently Fedora-20 and OSX-10.9.
Here are a couple of introductory tidbits, mainly designed to head off a few simple mistakes and give some words of caution.

Your user account

To have continued use of a user account on our departmental machines, you must abide by our departmental rules and regulations, as well as the official Otago University computer usage policies. (Use of the account you have been given implies an acceptance of / agreement with these regulations/policies - even if you have not read them!)
Some recommendations re password creation can be found here.
The webpage we have provided to allow you to change your password will screen your choice of password.

Home directories

Student and staff teaching and research machines have the home directories mounted on them from file-servers. This means that people will be able to log in to any machine and have the same home directory (files) wherever they are within the department. If you need to access your files from home, please ask a teaching fellow for details on how to do this.

All user home directories are backed up every 24 hours currently. If you need to retrieve a deleted file, please email cshelp.

It is advisable to retain a copy of any critical files yourself, as any departmental backup will be up to 24 hours old.

Email is a primary form of communication between staff and students in this department, so please check it regularly. Further details are available here.