Cryptography and Security

Lectures - Semester 2, 2019

The schedule below is provided as a guide to our teaching plans, but remains subject to change.

Lecture 1 (MA) Introduction; history and theoretical background
Lecture 2 (MA) Discrete probability and stream ciphers
Lecture 3 (MA) Asymmetric crpytography (definitions and mathematical foundations)
Lecture 4 (MA) RSA and elliptic curve cryptosystems
Lecture 5 (MA) Attacks on asymmetric cryptosystems
Lecture 6 (MA) Introduction to quantum computation and Shor’s algorithm
Lecture 7 (MA) Quantum cryptography
Mid Semester Break
Lecture 8 (DE) Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory
Lecture 9 (DE) Block ciphers, HTTPS, TLS/SSL and certificates
Lecture 10 (DE) Decentralised authorisation and OAuth 2.0
Lecture 11 (DE) Homomorphic Encryption
Lecture 12 (DE) Reliability, distributed consensus and blockchain (e.g., bitcoin)
Lecture 13 Poster Presentations