PMAM 2012

The 2012 International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores

to be held in conjunction with
PPoPP 2012

25-29 February, 2012
New Orleans, Louisiana

Workshop Proceedings

You can find the workshop proceedings from here.


Rapid advancements in multicore and chip-level multi-threading technologies open new challenges and make multicore systems a part of the computing landscape. From high-end servers to mobile phones, multicores and manycores are steadily entering every single aspect of the information technology.

However most programmers are trained in sequential programming, yet most existing parallel programming models are prone to errors such as data race and deadlock. Therefore to fully utilise multicore and manycore hardware, parallel programming models that allow easy transition of sequential programs to parallel programs with good performance and enable development of error-free codes are urgently needed.

This workshop is dedicated primarily to gather researchers and practitioners addressing the main challenges and share experiences in the emerging multicore and manycore software engineering and distributed programming paradigm. This workshop aims to provide a discussion forum for people interested in programming environments, models, tools and applications specifically designed for parallel multicore and manycore hardware environments.

Special issue of ParCo

The special issue of Elsevier's Journal of Parallel Computing can be found here

List of accepted papers

Kokkos Array Performance-Portable Manycore Programming Model
H. Carter Edwards; Daniel Sunderland

AGC: Adaptive Global Clock in Software Transactional Memory
Ehsan Atoofian; Amir Ghanbari Bavarsad

GHOST: GPGPU-Offloaded High Performance Storage I/O Deduplication for Primary Storage System
Chulmin Kim; Ki-WoongPark; Kyu Ho Park

Efficient Execution of Time-step Computations with Pipelined Parallelism and Inter-thread Data Locality Optimizations
Apan Qasem

PMA: Pixel-based Multi-Anchor Algorithm for Image Recognition on Multi-core Systems
Xiaoxin Tang; Long Zheng; Jun Ma; Yao Shen; Li Li; Minyi Guo

Revisiting Shared Virtual Memory Systems for Non-Coherent Memory- Coupled Cores
Stefan Lankes; Pablo Reble; Carsten Clauss; Oliver Sinnen

A Hybrid Model for Very High Level Threads
Jafar Al-Gharaibeh; Clinton Jeffery; Kostas Oikonomou

Exploring Parallelism in Volume Ray Casting: Understanding the Programming Issues of Multithreaded Accelerators
Guilherme Cox; Cleomar Silva; Leandro Cupertino; Cristiana Bentes; Ricardo Farias

Function Flow: Making Synchronization Easier in Task Parallelism
Xuepeng Fan; Hai Jin; Liang Zhu; Xiaofei Liao; Chengcheng Ye

Efficient Memory Management of a Hierarchical and a Hybrid Main Memory for MN-MATE Platform
Kyu Ho Park; Sung Kyu Park; Hyunchul Seok; Woomin Hwang; Dong-Jae Shin; Jong Hun Choi; Ki-Woong Park

New Strategy for Coarse Grid Solvers in Parallel Multigrid Methods using OpenMP/MPI Hybrid Programming Models
Kengo Nakajima

Better Speedups Using Simpler Parallel Programming for Graph Connectivity and Biconnectivity
James Edwards; Uzi Vishkin

Massively Parallel Breadth First Search using a Tree- Structured Memory Model
Tom St. John; Jack Dennis; Guang R. Gao

Shared Work List: Hacking Amorphous Data Parallelism in UPC
Shixiong Xu; Li Chen

A Case for Secure and Scalable Hypervisor using Safe Language
Haibo Chen; Binyu Zang

Techniques for the Parallelization of Unstructured Grid Applications on Multi-GPU Systems
Lizandro Solano-Quinde; Brett Bode; Arun K. Somani

Semi-sparse Algorithm Based on Multi-layer Optimization for Recommendation System
Hu Guan; Huakang Li; Minyi Guo

Chestnut: A GPU Programming Language for Non- Experts
Andrew Stromme; Ryan Carlson; Tia Newhall

Networks Beat Pipelines: The Design of FG 2.0
Peter Johnson; Thomas Cormen

The workshop program is available here

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline : December 9, 2011 extended to December 19, 2011
Notification of acceptance : January 3, 2012
Camera-ready papers due : January 13, 2012

Objectives, scope and optics of the workshop

The program committee cordially invites any novel research ideas in (but not limited to) the following topics:

Names and contacts of key organizers

Organization co-chairs

Minyi Guo
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
guo-my at cs dot sjtu dot edu dot cn

Zhiyi Huang
University of Otago, New Zealand
hzy at cs dot otago dot ac dot nz

Programme Committee (to be extended)

Manuscript submission

Papers reporting original and unpublished research results and experience are solicited. All paper submissions will be handled electronically via EasyChair.

Papers should be up to 10 pages long in standard ACM two-column conference format (preprint mode, with page number and the 9pt template). Templates for ACM format are available for Microsoft Word, and LaTeX at here.

Authors must register and submit their paper through the online submission system. If you have problems accessing the system, e-mail your submission to:
pmam2012 at cs dot otago dot ac dot nz


All accepted papers will be published by the ACM Digital Library.


Information about registration at PPoPP 2012 main website.

Contact Us

For further information regarding the workshop and paper submission, please send your request or enquiry to:
pmam2012 at cs dot otago dot ac dot nz

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