Matthew McKague


Department of Computer Science

University of Otago

PO Box 56

Dunedin 9054

New Zealand



Research Interests

Selected Articles

2013 Matthew McKague. Interactive proofs for BQP via self-tested graph states. arXiv:1309.5675

2013 Duy Nguyen Truong, Matthew McKague, and Stephanie Wehner. Entanglement Improves Classical Control. arXiv:307.1569

2012 Matthew McKague. On the power quantum computation over real Hilbert spaces. International Journal of Quantum Information, Vol 11, No 1. arXiv:1109.0795

2009 C.-E. Bardyn, T. C. H. Liew, S. Massar, Matthew McKague, V. Scarani. Device-independent state estimation based on Bell's inequalities. Physical Review A, 80(6):062327. 10.1103/PhysRevA.80.062327 arXiv:0907.2170

2009 Matthew McKague, Michele Mosca, and Nicolas Gisin. Simulating quantum systems using real Hilbert spaces. Physical Review Letters, 102(2):020505, 2009. arXiv:0810.1923

Teaching Experience

Selected Awards and Scholarships