The final mark for the course is made up from INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (40%), and from the FINAL EXAMINATION (60%).

In order to pass the course you must get at least 50% in the final exam.


There are two assignments.

Assignment Description Worth Due Date Topic Sample assignment
Assignment 1 10% @4pm, 03/08/21 Mini-world modelling using ERD Example assignment for company database
Assignment 2 15% @4pm, 10/09/21 Database design and implementation Example assignment for company database

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity means being honest in your studying and assessments. It is the basis for ethical decision-making and behaviour in an academic context. Academic integrity is informed by the values of honesty, trust, responsibility, fairness, respect and courage. Students are expected to be aware of, and act in accordance with, the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Academic misconduct, such as plagiarism or cheating, is a breach of Academic Integrity and is taken very seriously by the University. Types of misconduct include plagiarism, copying, unauthorised collaboration, taking unauthorised material into a test or exam, impersonation, and assisting someone else’s misconduct. A more extensive list of the types of academic misconduct and associated processes and penalties is available in the University’s Student Academic Misconduct Procedures.

It is your responsibility to be aware of and use acceptable academic practices when completing your assessments. To access the information in the Academic Integrity Policy and learn more, please visit the University's Academic Integrity website or ask at the Student Learning Centre or Library.

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